Weather bomb crosses the continent

Bomb cyclone

Bomb cyclone centre in U.S. Midwest, 14 Mar 2019 (

A so-called bomb cyclone brought blizzard conditions to Colorado and now heavy rain,  flooding and even tornadoes to the U.S. Midwest.

The weather bomb occurs when there is a rapid drop in atmospheric pressure over a 24 hour period.

Further north, the storm is dumping snow across Minnesota as it moves into northwestern Ontario.

Severe thunderstorm watches have been posted for Southern Ontario with strong winds expected along with heavy rain.

New Brunswick will the effects this weekend with significant rainfall and gusty winds in the forecast.

Good Friday will be bad for travel


Melting snow in west end Moncton, 24 March 2016 (Dearing)

With a Colorado Low heading to New Brunswick tomorrow bringing a mixed bag of precipitation, travel could be tricky as the Easter long weekend begins.

Environment Canada has issued snowfall and freezing rain warnings for most of the province except the south from an area including Greater Moncton to Saint John and St. Stephen.

The storm originated over the American Rockies in Colorado where more than 30 cm of snow fell before it swept across the Great Plains along with Ontario and Quebec.

NB Power says it is ready for the storm with staff on standby and 60 contractor crews spread over key areas of the province in the event of outages.

Hundreds missing in Colorado floods

Vehicles submerged by flooding near Greeley, Colorado, USA, 14 Sept 2013 (AP)

Vehicles submerged by flooding near Greeley, Colorado, USA, 14 Sept 2013 (AP)

Historic flooding in the state of Colorado, USA has left at least 6 people dead and more than 500 missing according to emergency management officials.

The state has asked the federal government for up to 20 counties to be considered disaster areas so they will be eligible for relief.

Heavy rains have caused rivers and streams to overflow and the deluge has also led to ten oil spills.

The hardest hit areas have been north and east of Denver, Colorado’s state capital.

Crazy, wintry weather across American Plains

Snow falls in Denver, Colorado, USA, 09 April 2013 (AP)

Snow falls in Denver, Colorado, USA, 09 April 2013 (AP)

A dynamic storm system has produced a blizzard, severe storms with large hail and crazy temperature swings from North Dakota to Texas.

Heavy snow fell in many areas with the U.S. National Weather Service recording snowfall records being broken in 44 cities with some parts of Nebraska receiving as much as 60 cm.

A dramatic drop in temperature also occurred with Abilene, Texas falling from a scorching 33 C to near freezing in less than 8 hours from last night to early today.

The same storm system is moving into Ontario tomorrow and is expected to bring heavy rain and snow.

Spring snowstorm swipes American Midwest

Daffodils under snow, St. Louis, Missouri, USA, 24 March 2013 (AP)

Daffodils under snow, St. Louis, Missouri, USA, 24 March 2013 (AP)

The snowstorm stretched from the American Rockies to the Mid-Atlantic states dumping as much as 30 cm or more in Colorado, Kansas and Missouri with almost 50 cm in parts of Illinois.

The spring snow is not unusual but such heavy amounts in late March have broken records in many cities according to the U.S. National Weather Service.

Although only reporting about 3 cm, Washington, DC, had its snowiest March day since 2011.

The storm gave New York City a rain/snow mix before moving out to sea.

Blizzard batters U.S. Great Plains

Snow clearing in Amarillo, TX, USA, 20 Dec 2011 (AP photo)

A deadly storm is barreling through the U.S. Great Plains dropping more that 30 cm of snow in some areas and leaving snow drifts several metres high.

Travel was treacherous in New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas and the panhandles of Oklahoma and Texas today.

More than seven deaths are being blamed on the blizzard just days before the official start of winter.

The storm is now heading east toward the Great Lakes.

From hot to snow in Colorado

Snow in Denver, Colorado, USA, 26 Oct 2011

In less than 36 hours, Denver, Colorado, USA went from a record high of 27 C to a winter wonderland with as much as 15 cm of snow in the so-called “Mile High City”.

The early wet snow has snapped tree branches still carrying fall foliage.

Branches have knocked down power lines causing outages to more than 100,000 customers.

Travel through the foothills and nearby Rocky Mountains has been treacherous with more than 30 cm of snow reported in some areas.