October 2019 – Gradual easing into fall

Centennial Park, Moncton, 14 Oct 2019 (Dearing)

Daytime highs were consistently in the mid-teens in Southeast New Brunswick during October which usually sees a sharp drop in temperature as the month progresses.

The average temperature was 0.7°C above normal in Greater Moncton with two days failing to reach 10°C and the warmest maximum on the last day, 19.3°C.

Six days had lows below freezing with some light frost but there was no hard freeze allowing vegetation to flourish.

The precipitation total mostly came from five rainfall events with not a single snowflake recorded.

Fall foliage peaked prior to Thanksgiving weekend and several strong wind events left few leaves on trees by Halloween night.

OCTOBER 2019 ALMANAC (at Greater Moncton Int’l Airport, 1981-2010)

Average HIGH 13.5°C

Average LOW 3.0°C

AVERAGE 8.3°C (about 0.7 degrees ABOVE normal)

Extreme HIGH 19.3°C (31 Oct)

Extreme LOW -2.7°C (27 Oct)

RAINFALL 102.7 mm (slightly BELOW normal)

(Data courtesy Environment Canada)

Fall colours reach peak

Fall foliage along St George Boulevard, Moncton, 13 Oct 2018 (Dearing)

The brilliant fall foliage hues of red, orange and gold have reached their peak in Southeast New Brunswick.

Leaves have already begun falling to the ground and the season is already past peak across the northern part of the province.

Experts say the colours have peaked about a week later than usual thanks to a hot, dry summer which caused stress for leaves.

The drought was relatively short-lived with a plentiful amount of rain recorded so far this autumn.

Fall foliage past peak

Maple tree past peak in Moncton, 22 Oct 2017 (Dearing)

The fall foliage in Southeast New Brunswick is now past peak and the leaves are starting to tumble to the ground.

Typically a strong wind and/or rain event will bring down most remaining leaves from the trees with maples the first to shed and oaks among the last.

Forestry experts say unseasonably warm weather across the Maritimes this autumn have muted some fall colours.

Rich, vivid displays are most common when days are sunny but cool and nights are cold.

Fall colours reach peak


Centennial Park (top) and Irishtown Nature Park (bottom), Moncton, 09 Oct 2017 (Dearing)

Mother Nature is putting on a great show this autumn with brilliant hues of red, yellow and orange throughout Southeast New Brunswick. 

The tourism department says fall colours have reached their peak across northern New Brunswick and are near peak in the rest of the province. 

On Thanksgiving Monday, I had a chance to capture images of the amazing fall foliage in Greater Moncton at Centennial Park and Irishtown Nature Park. 

Fall foliage past peak in N.B.


Fall colours in Centennial Park, Moncton, 16 Oct 2016 (Dearing)

Centennial Park in Moncton was alive with colour yesterday with many people including myself snapping pictures of the amazing fall foliage on display.

But I realized that the fall colours are now past peak with some maple trees almost bare of leaves.

Typically the foliage reaches its colour peak in Southeast New Brunswick by early to mid-October and then the leaves begin to drop.

It’s a beautiful but a sadly short-lived show.

Fall colours now past peak in NB

Leaves in NE Moncton, 19 Oct 2013 (Dearing photo)

Leaves in NE Moncton, 19 Oct 2013

Time to grab a rake!

The leaves have been falling from trees at a rapid pace in Southeast New Brunswick this week.

The fall colours have now passed their peak in the region and some trees are already bare of leaves.

Rain, wind and dwindling daylight have been the right combination to bring the leaves down.

Leaves past peak but still stunning

Along Highway 114 near Hillsborough, NB, 19 October 2012 (Dearing photo)

The fall foliage may be past its peak in Southeast New Brunswick but the colours are still putting on a dazzling show as you can see from the snapshot above along Highway 114 near Hillsborough yesterday.

The last couple of days have also brought above normal temperatures to the region with the Greater Moncton Airport recording a high of 17.2 C yesterday and 18.4 C today and similar weather expected tomorrow.

Fall is in the air!

Squirrel poses in Irishtown Nature Park, 08 Oct 2012 (Dearing photo)

Leaf-covered trail in Irishtown Nature Park, 08 Oct 2012 (Dearing photo)

It was a cool, fall day in Greater Moncton with a high of 11 C, the coolest daytime high we’ve had since early June.

On this Thanksgiving Day, conditions were perfect to take a stroll in Irishtown Nature Park and look at the fall foliage which is near peak.

The squirrels were also lively today with one seemingly posing for a picture for me on a tree stump.

Leaves starting to change colour

Hints of fall colours near Moncton, NB (file)

More and more hints of colour are starting to appear on the trees these days in Southeast New Brunswick.

Summer is officially winding down this week and we are losing more daylight, today at 12 hours and 15 minutes.

Fall colours are typically at their peak in Greater Moncton in early to mid-October, usually around Thanksgiving.

Peak leaf season in NB ending

Downtown Moncton, NB, 22 Oct 2011 (Dearing photo)

The peak period for fall foliage in New Brunswick has come to an end.

Nearly all trees have begun to turn colour in Greater Moncton and some have no leaves at all – thanks to strong, gusty winds last weekend in the region.

Tourism New Brunswick notes the foliage season is over in northwestern New Brunswick with most trees now bare.

But there is still quite a show to be found in southern areas of the province with oaks a bit slower than maples for shedding leaves.