Harvest Moon

The almost Full Harvest Moon over Moncton, NB, 04 Oct 2017

Under a mostly cloudy sky, it was difficult to capture the Full Harvest Moon in most of Southeast New Brunswick but I did manage to get a shot last night.

The Harvest Moon derives its name from when farmers used the moon’s bright light to help them gather crops for winter.

The Harvest Moon is the full moon nearest to the autumnal equinox which occurred on 22 September.


Near record cold in N.B.

A break in clouds over the Nova Scotia-New Brunswick border, 03 June 2017 (Dearing)

The last couple of days had near record lows in Greater Moncton with temperatures dropping to near the freezing point.

A low of 1.0 C at the airport on Monday was close to the 1947 record of 0.6 C while a low of 0.0 C on Tuesday tied the minimum from 1995.

Fortunately cloud cover prevented frost in most of New Brunswick but another risk is possible by early Wednesday.

Folklore suggests frost can be expected until the full moon in June which is this Friday the ninth.

Harvest moon 2014

Harvest moon over Greater Moncton, 23 Sept 10

Harvest moon over Greater Moncton, 23 Sept 10

The harvest moon – the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox – was actually last night but it is noteworthy since it is the third and final of the so-called supermoons this year.

The clear sky also brought cool conditions across New Brunswick early this morning.

Greater Moncton fell to 3.6 C and although there was a frost scare my tomatoes and strawberries were fine.

Perhaps that wasn’t the case at the Saint John Airport where it fell to 1.0 C.

July Supermoon

Courtesy The Old Farmer's Almanac

Courtesy The Old Farmer’s Almanac

The full Moon appeared bigger and brighter last night – the July “Supermoon”!

The Supermoon occurs when the Moon becomes full on the same day as perigee – the point at which the Moon is nearest Earth each month so it can appear up to 30 percent brighter.

This effect can be enhanced if you are viewing the Moon near a horizon or through trees and other foreground objects.

In fact, this summer will bring three “Supermoons”— 12 July, 10 August, and 09 September.

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon in Halifax, NS, 18 Sept 2013 (The Weather Network)

Harvest Moon in Halifax, NS, 18 Sept 2013 (The Weather Network)

The Harvest Moon – the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox – appeared last night.

According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, the Harvest Moon got its name because it marked a time when the corn was to be harvested.

At the peak of harvest, before tractor lights, farmers worked by the the light of the moon to gather their crops.


Moon over Moncton, 04 May 2012 (TWN)

The biggest full moon of the year peaked late Saturday and unfortunately it was mostly cloudy over Southeast New Brunswick which means we did not get to see it.

However, the moon was still pretty spectacular on Friday night and to a lesser extent on Sunday night.

The so-called “supermoon” shone 30 percent brighter this weekend because it was passing close by Earth.