June 2010 – The spring of our discontent

A rare sunny day in Moncton, 28 June 2011

Clouds, rain, drizzle, clouds, rain drizzle and repeat. 

Although it wasn’t overally wet last month in Greater Moncton, it was wet on all but 8 days during June.

Clouds kept preventing heat from building causing a drop in the average monthly temperature of more than 1.0 C.

A terrible end to spring and a worrisome beginning to summer.


Average HIGH  18.9 C

Average LOW  9.1 C

AVERAGE  14.0 C (1.1 C below normal compared to 30-year average)

Extreme HIGH  27.8 C (on the 28th)

Extreme LOW  3.8 C (on the 11th

Rainfall  76.6 mm (about 15% below normal)