Storm brings snow to Ontario & Quebec

A Colorado Low tracked across Lake Huron on Saturday and brought snow to nearly all of Ontario and Southern Quebec with the first major amounts this winter.

Strong gusty winds up to 100 km/h in some areas also created blowing snow.

The low pressure system continued through the Northeastern United States and impacted the Maritimes on Sunday.

Snowfall amounts (in cm):

  • Marathon  30
  • Thunder Bay  21
  • Ottawa  20 (new daily record for 18 January)
  • Kitchener-Waterloo  19
  • Toronto Pearson Airport  17.2 (new daily record for 18 January)
  • Montreal  17
  • London  16
  • Kenora  15

(Data courtesy Environment Canada and volunteer observations)

Tornadoes touch down in Southern Ontario

Storm clouds loom over Toronto skyline, 03 August 2015 (CTV News)

Storm clouds loom over Toronto skyline, 03 August 2015 (CTV News)

Environment Canada has confirmed an EF-2 tornado touched down in Teviotdale, northwest of Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario after violent storms ripped through Southern Ontario on Sunday causing wind damage and minor flooding from heavy downpours.

The tornado hit around sunset from the west and struck a house in Teviotdale just before the residents were able to reach their home.

A teenager in Kincardine reportedly drowned off the Lake Huron town’s pier as the storms were ramping up.

A wind gust of 110 km/h was recorded at Grand Bend while Toronto’s Pearson Airport had peak winds of 94 km/h which downed power lines, uprooted trees and knocked over trailers and small buildings.

Forecasters are investigating more possible tornado touchdowns in Southern Ontario.

Great Lakes mostly frozen over

Courtesy NASA, 19 Feb 2014

Courtesy NASA, 19 Feb 2014

It has been a very cold winter in Central Canada and the American Midwest and proof of that is the mostly frozen Great Lakes.

As of this week, scientists say 88 percent of the Great Lakes are frozen over which is a level not seen since 1994.

Lakes Erie and Huron are almost entirely frozen while the much deeper Lake Ontario contains much less ice.