Frost advisory for Maritime Provinces

Lilacs in bloom (file)

Lilacs are finally showing blossoms in Greater Moncton (file)

A frost advisory is not too unusual for late May in New Brunswick but it is rare for the alert to be spread across all of the Maritime Provinces.

Environment Canada says even areas near the coast, which are typically milder overnight, will likely have frost tomorrow morning.

Farmers in the region are not too concerned since many are just now planting crops due to the cold, wet spring.

Garden and greenhouse centres are reporting a slow start thanks to the inclement weather.

Lilacs in bloom!

Lilacs coming into bloom (File)

Lilacs coming into bloom (File)

I always love this time of year – it’s lilac season!

Despite all of the rain we’ve had in Southeast New Brunswick lately, the lilacs are now in full bloom across the region.

Their sweet fragrance is amazing and one of the best highlights of spring.

Lilacs in bloom

Lilacs coming into bloom (file photo)

It is my most favourite time of year – lilac season!

Lilacs are now coming into full bloom.

Typically blossoming in early to mid-June in Southeast New Brunswick, lilacs are blooming about two weeks earlier than usual due to a warm spring in the region.

Unfortunately the blossom is short-lived, lasting only two or three weeks.

Lilacs in bloom!

Lilacs in bloom (file)

My favourite flowering shrub is the lilac and lilac season has arrived once again in Southeastern New Brunswick.

Commonly found in temperate zones throughout the world, the cold spring has delayed the lilac here by at least 1-2 weeks compared to the average year.

The wonderful fragrance coming from the beautiful purple lilac is a sure sign that spring is in full bloom.