Meteorological summer begins

Welcome to meteorological summer 2017 –  the months of June, July and August!

Environment Canada says Southeast New Brunswick has a 50% probability of having above normal temperatures.

Precipitation is expected to be near normal in New Brunswick but southern Nova Scotia has a 40% probability of having below normal rainfall.


Weather Network unveils summer forecast

The Weather Network has released its summer 2017 forecast covering June, July and August.

A changeable summer is expected across Atlantic Canada with extended periods of above seasonal and below seasonal weather.

The southern Maritimes which includes Greater Moncton and Southeast New Brunswick and possibly into southern Newfoundland have the best chance of seeing temperatures tip to the warm side of normal.

Meanwhile, cooler than normal temperatures are expected to be more persistent across eastern Labrador and northern Newfoundland.

Near normal rainfall is expected this summer except for western and northern New Brunswick.

There is the potential for a couple of systems to tap into subtropical or tropical moisture and bring above normal rainfall to parts of the region.

Meteorological summer begins

Ice on southern Lake Superior, 31 May 2014 (Twitter @LAKSuperiorFoto)

Ice on southern Lake Superior, 31 May 2014 (Twitter @LAKSuperiorFoto)

The first day of June marks the beginning of meteorological summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

In New Brunswick, we are hoping for much better weather than the last three calendar months which have been cold and relatively wet.

Forecasters say part of the blame may come from colder waters including the Great Lakes which still have almost two percent ice cover on Lake Superior.

This is the latest date in recent memory – since 2003 – for ice on the lake which is mainly hugging the southern coast bordering the states of Michigan and Wisconsin.