Stormy American Thanksgiving weekend

US storm

Snow clearing for NFL game at MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ, USA, 01 Dec 2019 (R. Deutsch/USA Today)

A major winter storm made its way across the United States during the American Thanksgiving weekend disrupting travel plans for millions.

The massive system began on the West Coast as a bomb cyclone bringing wind gusts up to 160 km/h and heavy amounts of snow in the mountains.

Strong winds accompanied by a mixture of rain, freezing rain, ice pellets and snow fell from the Great Plains to the Midwest and into the Northeastern U.S.

Boston recorded 20 cm of snow with more than 60 cm falling in other parts of New England before the system headed to the Maritime Provinces and Newfoundland.

Record warmth in central, eastern United States


Cherry blossoms in bloom, Washington, DC, USA, 02 March 2017 (Instagram)

During January and February, the city of Chicago only had a few centimetres of snow with no measurable amount on the ground for the first time in 146 years.

Record highs were broken from New England to Texas where temperatures recently soared into the high 20’s C causing trees and flowers to bloom ahead of schedule.

The cherry blossoms in Washington, DC could reach their peak on 14 March which would be the earliest.since officials began keeping track in 1921.

Climatologists say much of the central and eastern United States had a very warm winter with February 2017 being the second warmest in 123 years of records.

UPDATE – The cherry blossoms in Washington, DC actually reached their peak on 25 March after being delayed by a cold snap and snow.

Major snowstorm to batter Northeast U.S.

Jan storm

A major winter storm is threatening to bring life to a standstill in the northeastern United States this weekend from Washington, DC to New York City.

Forecasters say the storm will also affect the southern Appalachian Mountains and brush southern New England.

Winds and the rate of snowfall will increase as the storm progresses from late Friday until early Sunday.

New Brunswick will escape this storm but southern Nova Scotia could pick up some snow.

March heat wave

Golfing in Regina, SK, 16 March 2012 (CTV)

Unbelievable heat has enveloped the Prairies and Ontario with temperatures climbing into the 20’s Celsius – the kind of warmth that is more typical of May than March.

Yesterday, Environment Canada indicated at least 17 communities in Saskatchewan set new record highs with Estevan being the warmest at 23.0 C smashing its previous record of 16.7 C.

In Manitoba, Brandon climbed to 21.3 C and it reached 21.2 C in Fort Frances, Ontario.

A large portion of the northern United States – from the Rockies to southern New England – has also been affected with literally hundreds of record highs being broken.

The record warmth is expected to continue for the next several days and could reach the Maritimes by early next week.


Winter eases into spring

Birds of spring in Moncton, 16 March 2012 (TWN)

After several days of winter-like weather, it’s finally going to feel more like spring in New Brunswick this weekend. 

Temperatures across the province will return to double digit highs by tomorrow under a sunny sky.

News 91.9 meteorologist Richard Zurawski says while we’ve been experiencing winter this week, regions close by such as southern Ontario and southern New England, have been basking in 20 degree Celsius temperatures.

“In the northeast of North America, we’ve been looking at very mild temperatures, record-setting… and it looks like this dome of warm air is going to stick around.”

Zurawski adds the warm spring-like weather is expected to continue well into next week and some parts of the province could reach 20 degrees by Tuesday. 

(courtesy News 91.9 Moncton)

Irene moves north after lashing New York

Bay Shore, NY, USA, 27 Aug 2011 (AP)

New York City appears to have avoided an urban disaster from Hurricane Irene although the storm made landfall early today (630-am AT along the New Jersey coastline) and brought America’s largest city to a halt.

At least 45 deaths are being blamed on Irene along the American East Coast, thousands more have been evacuated from low-lying areas and millions have been left without electricity.

A powerful storm surge flooded streets in Manhattan and Brooklyn including the Coney Island amusement area.

By late morning, Irene had been downgraded to a tropical storm as it headed north over New England on its way to eastern Quebec and northern New Brunswick.

Deadly tornadoes in Massachusetts

Downtown Springfield, Mass., USA 02 June 11 (AP)

At least four people are believed dead following a series of tornadoes that ripped through much of Massachusetts yesterday.

The rare twisters destroyed dozens of homes and businesses in Springfield, the state’s third largest city.

Officials say residents were given just 10 minutes warning of a possible tornado and the state’s governor says it’s a miracle more weren’t injured or killed.

Tornadoes are relatively rare in New England but one that hit Worcester, Massachusetts in 1953, killed 94 and injured more than 1,000.