Nor’easter nails U.S. Northeast

Scituate MA

Heavy waves crash into homes in Scituate, MA, USA, 02 March 2018 (Boston Globe)

A powerful storm surge forced water from the Atlantic to pour into the streets of Boston as huge waves crashed along the Massachusetts coast in a powerful Nor’easter roaring through the American Northeast.

For the second time this year alone, businesses tried to prevent flooding by using barriers and sandbags.

The storm packed strong winds with gusts of more than 110 km/h with driving rain in coastal areas to heavy snow in upstate New York.

Power has been knocked out for millions of customers and thousands of flights have been cancelled from Maine to North Carolina.

The Maritimes has managed to escape this system which will head out to sea but not before brushing southwestern Nova Scotia with gusty winds and heavy surf.


Northeast U.S. nailed by Nor’easter


Snow falls in Times Square, New York City, USA , 14 Mar 2017 (AP Photo)

One of the biggest storms this winter hit the Northeast United States with snow and gusty winds creating blizzard conditions.

Snow shovellers and plows were busy in New York City where 20 cm fell forcing schools to close and disrupting both ground and air transportation.

Boston was blanketed with 15 cm snow and amounts up to 45 cm were recorded elsewhere in Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York State.

Washington, DC only received a few centimetres but its near-peak and celebrated cherry blossoms were covered in ice.

Winter storm hits Ontario, Quebec


Heavy snow in Kingston, ON, 21 Nov 2016 (Twitter)

A Colorado Low brought an early taste of winter to a large swath of Central Canada.

Most of the region saw its first measurable snow of the season with the highest amounts in eastern Ontario (Ottawa 16 cm, Kingston 18 cm) and western Quebec (Mont-Tremblant 15 cm, Montreal 5 cm).

Strong winds were also a factor gusting up to 70 km/h in the Greater Toronto Area and even up to 90 km/h in some areas.

Heavy lake effect snow also pounded neighbouring New York State with up to 50 cm in Rochester and Syracuse.

Great snow melt in Buffalo, New York

Man shovels snow off roof in Buffalo, NY, USA (Reuters)

Man shovels snow off roof in Buffalo, NY, USA, 22 Nov 2014 (Reuters)

Temperatures soared near 18 C in the Buffalo area today and rain began falling heightening fears of severe flooding after last week’s epic snowfall.

Bands of lake-effect snow off Lake Erie dumped anywhere from less than 30 cm to more than two metres of snow across western New York state.

Minor flooding was reported as several creeks overflowed.

The big concern is the heavy weight of snow and water on roofs which is why many home and business owners are frantically trying to shovel their rooftops.

Buffalo, New York buried in snow!

A band of lake-effect snow clouds over Lake Erie descend on Buffalo, NY, USA, 18 Nov 2014 (AP)

A band of lake-effect snow clouds over Lake Erie descend on Buffalo, NY, USA, 18 Nov 2014 (AP)

The lake-effect snowstorm began early Tuesday in the Buffalo area of western New York State and by the time the snow stops falling by Thursday about 250 cm (8 feet) will have accumulated – an entire winter’s worth in a few days.

The snow coming from winds off Lake Erie shut down a major interstate highway stranding over 100 vehicles which forced rescuers to use snowmobiles to save drivers stranded in deep drifts.

Lake-effect snow is also piling up along the Great Lakes in western Michigan and Georgian Bay in central Ontario.

Unseasonably cold air continues to grip the Midwestern and Eastern United States with lows of -10 C in Charlotte, North Carolina, -6 C in New York City and even -3 C in Jacksonville, Florida.