Severe weather in northern N.B.


Heavy rain, hail and wind, Plaster Rock, NB, 27 June 2017 (Greg LeBel/Facebook)

An unstable air mass moved from west to east in New Brunswick producing severe thunderstorms bringing torrential rain, large hail and strong winds.

Environment Canada believes a severe thunderstorm formed near Doaktown and possibly spawned a tornado that moved into the Blackville area last night.

Golf ball size hail and damaging winds with gusts up to 100 km/h were recorded in the Plaster Rock area.

Southeast New Brunswick has seen an above average 18 days with thunderstorm activity this June and a severe thunderstorm watch was issued in the region this afternoon.


Heavy snow hammers Maritimes


Vehicles covered in snow, NE Moncton, 08 Jan 2017 (Dearing)

An intense low pressure system is now over Newfoundland after dumping up to 40 cm of snow on parts of the Maritimes overnight.

Snowfall was heaviest over central Nova Scotia, the Annapolis Valley and Prince Edward Island.

For Greater Moncton, this storm delivered the most snow since 30 November when more than 25 cm was recorded.

Fortunately this is light, dry snow since it fell when temperatures were cold (about -10 C or so) and it is much easier to move than wet, moisture-laden snow.

As expected, northern New Brunswick got off easy this time with only 3 cm reported in Bathurst.

Snow totals as of 8am AST:

Greater Moncton Airport 22 cm

Gagetown 23 cm

Saint John Airport 21 cm

Halifax Stanfield Airport 33 cm

Halifax downtown 26 cm

Yarmouth 26 cm

Greenwood 36 cm

Sydney 27 cm

Charlottetown 35 cm

(Data courtesy Environment Canada and local estimates)

Snowstorm slams Atlantic coast


Multi-vehicle pileup on interstate highway, Middletown, CT, USA, 07 Jan 2017 (Twitter)

A powerful winter storm moving up the U.S. Eastern Seaboard brought snowy and icy conditions from Alabama to Maine with more than 30 cm in parts of Virginia.

The low pressure system arrived in the Maritimes this evening with Nova Scotia expected to feel the brunt with up to 40 cm of snow expected.

A winter storm warning has been issued for Greater Moncton, Sussex, Saint John and Fundy National Park with 15-25 cm of snow and strong winds creating blowing snow by Sunday afternoon.

Northern New Brunswick is only expecting a few flurries to slight amounts of snow.

1-2-3 storm punch


NB Power crews working near Fredericton, 01 Dec 2016 (NB Power/Twitter)

Three storms over a four day period brought an early blast of winter to Southeast New Brunswick.

The first was a Nor’easter which packed the smallest punch with just a dusting of snow in Greater Moncton (2 cm), the second delivered heavy, wet snow (26 cm) and the third started as snow (5.8 cm) but changed to rain (7.6 mm).

The heavy, wet snow brought down trees and branches causing thousands of power outages across southern New Brunswick on Wednesday.

Thousands more lost power when snow fell across the northern part of the province on Thursday.

SW Nova Scotia hit by drought


Dry pond, Arcadia, Yarmouth Co., NS, 14 Sept 2016 (Comeau/Yarmouth Vanguard)

While it has been dry this summer in parts of New Brunswick, no where has it been drier in the Maritimes than in southwest Nova Scotia.

Meteorologists say while the jet stream normally flows through the middle of the region providing adequate amounts of rain, it was pushed farther north this summer due to the Bermuda High which has been northwest of its usual position.

As a result, rainfall in northern New Brunswick has been above average while southwest Nova Scotia has only received 32 percent of its normal summer precipitation.

For example, Yarmouth had 87 mm of rain during June, July and August which is well below the average of 268 mm.

Emergency management officials say at least 1,000 households have run out of water and bottled water donations from major retailers are being shipped to affected communities.

Biggest snowfall of the season!


Snow begins falling in downtown Moncton, 05 Feb 2016 (City of Moncton)

Snow began falling early yesterday in Greater Moncton and by the time a fast-moving low pressure system moved out early today, almost 38 cm had accumulated according to Environment Canada.

This storm is by far the biggest snow event of the winter to date in Southeast New Brunswick.

Just a couple of days ago, the ground was virtually bare!

Snow was also heavy in Saint John with about 32 cm but northern New Brunswick got off easy with this storm with only 7 cm in Bathurst.

Taste of winter

Salisbury flood

Stranded vehicle in floodwaters covering MacWilliam Road in Salisbury, NB, 23 Nov 2015 (D. Hamer/Facebook)

It was a wet and wintry day in much of the Maritimes today.

After bringing 100 mm to parts of Nova Scotia and 70 mm to Southeast New Brunswick, cold air has filtered in behind the storm system.

Greater Moncton received 2 cm of snow but it only accumulated on grassy areas and not roadways.

More snow than rain fell in Northern New Brunswick with 22 cm reported in Balmoral near Campbellton.

A messy mix

Slushy streets in Moncton, 20 Feb 2013 (courtesy TWN)

Slushy streets in Moncton, 20 Feb 2013 (courtesy TWN)

Almost all forms of precipitation fell from from the sky in Greater Moncton this week.

On Wednesday, it started out raining and about 2 mm fell before it changed to freezing rain for several hours which made for an icy and slushy mess.

Later the precipitation changed to snow and it fell both lightly and heavily from Wednesday afternoon to Friday evening for an additional 22 cm.

In total, Greater Moncton now has about 70 cm of snow on the ground.

Incidently, the same system brought heavy amounts of snow to Northern New Brunswick where Bathurst was buried in almost 70 cm of snow.

But local officials say the the snow will benefit the snowmobile and skiing industries.

(Data courtesy of Environment Canada)

Snow falls in northern NB

Snow near Campbellton, NB, 12 October 2012 (Twitter)

It seems early but the first snowfall of the season was reported in parts of northern New Brunswick this morning.

Some areas received as much as 5 cm of snow but since the ground is still warm and it later changed to rain, it didn’t stick around for long.

Since the beginning of October, snow has already fallen in many parts of Canada from British Columbia to Newfoundland and also in the Great Plains, Upper Midwest and Northeast of the United States.

Chilly nights

The start of September has ushered in cooler fall-like weather especially given the above normal temperatures of recent weeks.

So cool in fact that a frost warning was issued for much of Northern New Brunswick overnight.

Edmundston dropped to a mere 2.0 C while Bathurst fell to 3.4 C setting a new record low for the date.

In Greater Moncton, it was cool with a morning low of 4.7 C but not cold enough to beat the record of 2.2 C from 1991.