Record heat in California


Sunset over San Francisco, CA, USA, 01 Sept 2017 (Twitter)

San Francisco rarely suffers from hot weather which is why many residents are struggling to stay cool during a heat wave since most homes don’t have air conditioners.

The U.S. National Weather Service says the thermometer climbed to an all-time record-breaking 41.1 C (106 F) on 01 September and another record of 38.9 C (102 F) was set the following day.

Those sizzling highs are a far cry from the average of 21 C for the northern California city.

Numerous wildfires in the region have produced smoke and haze which has added to air quality concerns.

The heat has also stretched northward to Oregon, Washington State and British Columbia where temperatures could exceed 30 C on Vancouver Island.


Snow slams BC and Pacific NW


British Columbia’s Fraser Valley is getting hit with snow and lots of it – more than 20 cm at last count in Abbotsford.

Nearby Vancouver, Victoria and the Gulf Islands have gotten off easy this time with just a centimetre or two.

In a region normally accustomed to rain, the storm system is also dumping lots of snow over America’s Pacific Northwest with at least 30 cm (12 inches) expected for Seattle, Washington and 10-15 cm (6 inches) could fall in Portland, Oregon.

This is the most snow these cities have seen in at least 15 years.