Cherry blossoms brighten B.C. coast


Cherry blossoms in Vancouver,BC,15 April 2017 (CityofVancouver/Twitter)

Canada’s so-called Left Coast may have the mildest winters in the country but along with that comes a lot of cloudy skies and precipitation mostly falling as rain.

After a colder and snowier than usual winter, Vancouver experienced a gloomy March with the least amount of sunshine since records began in 1951 and it rained 28 out of 31 days.

So it’s no wonder, the sight of beautiful pink and white cherry blossoms is causing traffic troubles with so many drivers and pedestrians stopping to admire them.

The peak bloom is a bit later than normal this year thanks to dismal weather causing the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival to reschedule some events.


White Christmas guaranteed


For the first time since 2013, Southeast New Brunswick will have a White Christmas.

Although it was mild and rainy on Christmas Eve, not enough showers will fall to wash away the roughly 10 cm of lying snow in Greater Moncton.

Christmas Day is expected to be sunny with seasonal temperatures.

The only two parts of Canada that will not have a White Christmas are the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia and the Pacific coast of British Columbia.

Manuel and Ingrid prove deadly in Mexico

A car buried in mud after flooding in Chilpancingo, Mexico, 19 Sept 2013 (AP)

A car buried in mud after flooding in Chilpancingo, Mexico, 19 Sept 2013 (AP)

The rare one-two punch from Hurricane Manuel and Hurricane Ingrid have left a death toll of more than 100 people in Mexico according to the Reuters news agency.

Manuel has broken down and is now simply a low pressure system heading for Texas, USA which is actually welcome news for the drought-stricken state.

However, it brought astounding rainfall amounts of between 200 and 300 mm which caused widespread flooding and mudslides over mountainous terrain.

The Pacific coast resort cities of Acapulco and Mazatlan were among the hardest hit regions of the country and the cleanup is now underway.

Ingrid began strengthening in the Bay of Campeche after crossing the Yucatan Peninsula and slammed communities along the Gulf of Mexico as a strong tropical storm.

Hurricane Jova slams Mexico’s Pacific coast

Flooding in Manzanillo, Mexico, 12 Oct 2011 (AP)

Hurricane Jova flooded the streets of Mexico’s main Pacific port of Manzanillo¬†with torrential rain today, inundating popular beach resorts and killing at least two people in a mudslide.

Streets in Manzanillo were underwater, coastal communities flooded and roads blocked due to fallen trees and washouts after Jova, now a tropical depression, hit the coast as a Category Two hurricane late Tuesday.

The Red Cross says the streets of Manzanillo are impassable, as are the highways connecting Manzanillo with the south of Jalisco state.

Meanwhile, the popular resort town of Puerto Vallarta, further to the north, was largely spared from the storm.

While Jova ravaged the coast, a tropical depression farther to the southeast prompted thousands of evacuations in Mexico as well as flooding and mudslides that have killed 18 in Central America since the start of this week.