Acadian Peninsula hit again


Severe thunderstorm, Caraquet, NB, 18 May 2017 (R.Mallais/Twitter)

After a severe ice storm in February, the Acadian Peninsula has been hit with bad weather again and this time by possible tornadoes.

Environment Canada is investigating after social media showed downed power poles, partially collapsed roofs and overturned concrete last night.

Severe thunderstorms can cause straight line winds with gusts as high as 130 km/h which is the same strength as the lowest level of tornado.

NB Power is working to restore electricity for thousands in northeastern New Brunswick and it could be sometime tomorrow before full restoration occurs.

The same frontal trough of low pressure moved into Greater Moncton this afternoon creating a 9 degree temperature drop (23 C to 14 C) in less than an hour and a wind direction change from southwest to northeast.

Heavy hailstorm hits Alberta


Hail up to 30 cm deep fell near Calgary, AB, 28 June 2016 (Facebook)

Severe thunderstorms across Alberta delivered not only heavy rain but also heavy hail the size of quarters near Calgary yesterday.

The hail was so heavy and deep that it accumulated like snow and made an early summer day look downright wintry.

Funnel clouds and possible tornadoes were also reported during the stormy conditions.

Severe storms strike Manitoba

Ominous clouds over Winnipeg, MB, 29 July 2012 (TWN)

Residents of southern Manitoba are cleaning up today after severe thunderstorms brought hail and strong winds gusting up to 100 km/h.

The storms uprooted many trees which crashed down on cars, boats and homes.

The strong winds flattened a mobile home in the Twin Lakes Beach area on Lake Manitoba.

At least one tornado was reported near Lac du Bonnet.

Severe weather strikes SE New Brunswick

Severe weather is impacting Southeastern New Brunswick tonight and the weather office has issued a warning:

9:11 PM ADT Tuesday 12 July 2011
Severe thunderstorm warning for
Moncton and Southeast New Brunswick

A warm and humid airmass is triggering severe thunderstorms across Southeastern New Brunswick.

These cells are capable of producing heavy rain, winds gusting up to 90 km/h and hail near 2 cm in diameter.

This is a warning that severe thunderstorms are imminent or occurring in these regions and remember some severe thunderstorms produce tornadoes.

More severe weather in SE NB

Heavy downpour and hail, NE Moncton, 20 June 11

New Brunswick has had its share of severe thunderstorms this spring in a region not especially known for them.

A series of severe storms rolled through Greater Moncton yesterday and at times dropped pea-sized hail over the area along with rolling thunder and lightning.

No major incidents were reported although there were some troublesome flash flood areas in the city.