Feels like spring in N.B.


A snow free downtown Moncton, 28 Jan 2018 (Dearing)

With a daytime high of 7 C, it felt more like spring than midwinter along the Riverfront Trail in Moncton today.

Skateboarders instead of snowshoers were found along with joggers in shorts and T-shirts and a group having a picnic in the late afternoon sun.

A lack of snow cancelled numerous winter activities this weekend and ski resorts put snowmaking machines into overdrive to open just a handful of runs.

Environment Canada says winter is returning with a low pressure system arriving Tuesday with up to 15 cm of snow possible in Southeast New Brunswick.


A messy mix

Slushy streets in Moncton, 20 Feb 2013 (courtesy TWN)

Slushy streets in Moncton, 20 Feb 2013 (courtesy TWN)

Almost all forms of precipitation fell from from the sky in Greater Moncton this week.

On Wednesday, it started out raining and about 2 mm fell before it changed to freezing rain for several hours which made for an icy and slushy mess.

Later the precipitation changed to snow and it fell both lightly and heavily from Wednesday afternoon to Friday evening for an additional 22 cm.

In total, Greater Moncton now has about 70 cm of snow on the ground.

Incidently, the same system brought heavy amounts of snow to Northern New Brunswick where Bathurst was buried in almost 70 cm of snow.

But local officials say the the snow will benefit the snowmobile and skiing industries.

(Data courtesy of Environment Canada)