Easter weekend heat in the U.K.

The United Kingdom has been getting its fair share of fine weather this spring and the Easter weekend was no exception.

London’s Heathrow Airport climbed to a record breaking 24.6°C.

Sunny, cold Remembrance Day


Remembrance Day 2017 at Sunny Brae cenotaph in Moncton, 11 Nov 2017 (Dearing)

Remembrance Day 2017 was sunny but cold in Greater Moncton.

At 11am, the temperature was near freezing and it was dry with a westerly wind gusting at times to 40 km/h.

Despite the raw wind, it actually seemed warmer this year since in 2016 it was cloudy with a bone-chilling light rain.

Sunshine and dandelions 


Dandelions growing in NE Moncton, 13 May 2017 (Dearing)

The dandelions are out in full force as Southeast New Brunswick welcomed a beautiful, sunny day following a cold, grey and rainy week.

The normal high in Greater Moncton for mid-May is 17 C and temperatures didn’t even reach 10 C for two days in a row.

Rainfall has already reached 87 mm and the normal monthly total is 93 mm.

Forecasters are calling for 20-30 mm rain early next week thanks to another low pressure system.

Weather Network unveils fall forecast

fall2016If you liked this summer in Southeast New Brunswick, chances are you will like this autumn too as the Weather Network unveils its fall 2016 forecast.

Warm, sunny days are expected to continue for at least the first half of fall.

After a dry summer, rainfall will be near normal with the first snow possible by late November.

Forecasters will be keeping a close eye on the Atlantic hurricane season and how it may affect the Maritimes especially since it is already off to a busy start.

A sunny weekend at last!

Sunny  and cool with some ice remaining at Parlee Beach, 03 May 2015 (Dearing)

Sunny and cool with some ice remaining at Parlee Beach, 03 May 2015 (Dearing)

Greater Moncton finally enjoyed a warm and sunny spring weekend with 14 C on Saturday and 15 C on Sunday.

A cool breeze off the Northumberland Strait kept temperatures lower at Parlee Beach but even the remaining ice couldn’t keep some brave souls from venturing in for a dip.

Sunny and warm in Cancun!

Caribbean Sea view from Oasis Palm, Cancun, Mexico, 20 January 2015 (Dearing)

Caribbean Sea view from Oasis Palm, Cancun, Mexico, 20 January 2015 (Dearing)

Enjoying a break from the cold in New Brunswick, I’m basking in the warm sunshine of Mexico’s Caribbean Riviera in Cancun.

The sky has been mostly sunny since my arrival on 16 January and daytime temperatures have been consistently in the high 20s Celsius.

A bit of rain has fallen but clouds generally give way to sunshine before too much falls – after all this is the dry season in the region.

Late December warmth in N.B.

Mild and sunny in Greater Moncton, 27 Dec 2014 (Dearing)

Mild and sunny in Greater Moncton, 27 Dec 2014 (Dearing)

A beautiful, sunny, mild day in late December.

Not something you hear often on 27 December in Greater Moncton or Southeast New Brunswick but it certainly was the case today.

The thermometer climbed to 5.0 C today after reaching 6.3 C on Boxing Day and of course a new record high was set on Christmas Day.

Keep in mind that the normal high is -2 C for the period.

But Environment Canada is forecasting colder weather by New Year’s Eve.

August 2014 – Cool and Unsettled

Irishtown Park, Moncton, NB (Dearing)

Irishtown Park, Moncton, NB, 31 August 2014 (Dearing)

After a warm and sunny July in Southeast New Brunswick, August was a definite disappointment with cool and unsettled conditions for a large part of the month.

Daytime highs were warm and above normal at the beginning and near the end of August but there was an extended period with cool, cloudy days and mild nights.

Although it often seemed wet, there were only three noteworthy rain events and overall precipitation was just slightly above average.

AUGUST 2014 ALMANAC (at the Greater Moncton International Airport, 1981-2010)

Average HIGH. 23.7°C

Average LOW. 12.5°C

AVERAGE. 18.1°C (slightly BELOW average)

Extreme HIGH. 29.2°C (26 Aug)

Extreme LOW. 5.3°C (30 Aug)

Rainfall. 84.0 mm (slightly ABOVE average)

(Data courtesy Environment Canada)

Where’s the heat?

Aboiteau Beach, Cap-Pele, NB, 23 June 2014 (Dearing)

Aboiteau Beach, Cap-Pele, NB, 23 June 2014 (Dearing)

After a weekend of unsettled weather, the last couple days have been sunny and warm in Southeast New Brunswick.

But some are asking, where’s the heat?

Recent temperatures have been pleasant with daytime highs in the mid to upper 20s Celsius.

But as June quickly draws to a close and with almost half the year gone, the thermometer has yet to reach 30 C in Greater Moncton.

Environment Canada is suggesting that could change with a high of 29 C expected by this weekend.