Cape Breton drenched again


A stream overflows in north end Sydney, NS, 11 May 2017 (Cape Breton Post)

Parts of Cape Breton Island were flooded by a deluge of rain barely six months ago – Thanksgiving weekend – and this week it’s happening again.

The ground is saturated with water after more than 160 mm of rain since the weekend and some Sydney residents are dealing with flooded basements.

Rain and snow melt from the Cape Breton highlands is being blamed for washouts along sections of the Cabot Trail and its side roads.

Road crews are working overtime making repairs before the busy tourism season begins in a few weeks.


Canada’s Top 10 of 2016


RCMP officer in burnt neighbourhood, Fort McMurray, AB, 05 May 2016 (Alberta RCMP)

From the horrible wildfires which destroyed parts of Fort McMurray, Alberta to the winter that wasn’t to a warm, dry summer which led to drought in areas of Eastern Canada, 2016 was certainly noteworthy for major weather events.

  1. Fort McMurray’s “Fire Beast”
  2. Super El Niño Cancels Winter – 2nd warmest Canada-wide ever
  3. August Long Weekend Storm on the Prairies… Big and Costly
  4. A Summer to Remember in the East
  5. November’s Heat Wave and December’s Deep Freeze
  6. Arctic Sea Ice Going, Going… Break-up earlier/Freeze-up later
  7. Wild Summer Prairie Weather
  8. A Tale of Two Springs – Cold East and Warm West
  9. Thanksgiving Day Atlantic Weather Bomb
  10. Southwest Ontario’s $100 Million September Gusher                                               (Courtesy Environment Canada)

October 2016 – Mild then cold


Fall colours past peak, Centennial Park, Moncton, 16 Oct 2016 (Dearing)

It’s not surprising the days gradually get cooler in October but it was a sudden change in Greater Moncton when temperatures went from mild to cold during the last week of the month.

A warm, humid daytime high of 20.5 C on 22 October will undoubtedly be the last time the thermometer climbs above 20 C in this calendar year.

Although a couple overnight lows fell below freezing early in the month, a hard frost was not reported until 27 October.

Almost 50 mm of rain fell on Thanksgiving weekend in Southeast New Brunswick – far less than other parts of the Maritimes such as Cape Breton Island with over 220 mm.

OCTOBER 2016 ALMANAC (at Greater Moncton International Airport, 1981-2010)

Average HIGH  14.5 C

Average LOW  3.6 C

AVERAGE  9.0 C (about 1.4 degrees ABOVE normal)

Extreme HIGH  24.4 C (07 October)

Extreme LOW  -2.8 C (28 October)

RAINFALL  99.8 mm (about 10 percent BELOW normal)

(Data courtesy Environment Canada)

Turbulent Thanksgiving!


Floodwaters on Whitney Ave. in Sydney, NS, 10 Oct 2016 (Twitter)

Parts of Cape Breton Island received more than 200 mm of rain over the Thanksgiving weekend along with strong winds which flooded basements and washed out roads.

Mainland Nova Scotia including Halifax had more than 100 mm of rain and damaging winds which brought down trees and power lines causing widespread power outages.

Forecasters say a low pressure system fuelled by Matthew’s moisture brought the severe weather which also affected central Newfoundland where a state of emergency was declared in several communities.

The storm was less severe in New Brunswick with about 48 mm of rain in Greater Moncton with winds at times gusting more than 70 km/h.

Fall at The Rocks

Hopewell Rocks, 13 Oct 2013 (Dearing)

Hopewell Rocks, 13 Oct 2013 (Dearing)

Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park is one of my favourite places to visit in New Brunswick.

Usually, I explore this beautiful site a few times per year and I’ve taken dozens of photos there.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend – the last one open to the public for the 2013 season – I made another trip to this amazing spot.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Strawberry plant continues to blossom, 14 Oct 2013 (Dearing)

Strawberry plant continues to blossom, 14 Oct 2013 (Dearing)

As Canadians, we have so much to be thankful for especially when we look around the world and see so much chaos.

I am thankful for having good friends and family and for having not one but two turkey dinner invitations this weekend 🙂

In Greater Moncton, the temperature climbed to a balmy 17°C under a beautiful blue sky.

The warm weather was enough to allow my strawberry plant (above) to continue blooming in mid-October.

Fall colours at their peak this weekend

Autumn colours at Fairview Knoll Park in Moncton, 10 Oct 2013 (Dearing)

Autumn colours at Fairview Knoll Park in Moncton, 10 Oct 2013 (Dearing)

The spectacular colour show of the fall season typically peaks around Thanksgiving weekend in Southeast New Brunswick – and this year is no exception.

The various greens become brilliant shades of red, orange and gold making for great photos for leaf peepers everywhere.

Much of the province is at-peak now for autumn colours with Southwest New Brunswick still near-peak.

Fall is in the air!

Squirrel poses in Irishtown Nature Park, 08 Oct 2012 (Dearing photo)

Leaf-covered trail in Irishtown Nature Park, 08 Oct 2012 (Dearing photo)

It was a cool, fall day in Greater Moncton with a high of 11 C, the coolest daytime high we’ve had since early June.

On this Thanksgiving Day, conditions were perfect to take a stroll in Irishtown Nature Park and look at the fall foliage which is near peak.

The squirrels were also lively today with one seemingly posing for a picture for me on a tree stump.

Leaves starting to change colour

Hints of fall colours near Moncton, NB (file)

More and more hints of colour are starting to appear on the trees these days in Southeast New Brunswick.

Summer is officially winding down this week and we are losing more daylight, today at 12 hours and 15 minutes.

Fall colours are typically at their peak in Greater Moncton in early to mid-October, usually around Thanksgiving.

October heatwave!

Centennial Park, Moncton, NB, 10 Oct 2011 (Facebook)

The heat that enveloped the West last week finally made its way East in time for Thanksgiving weekend.

Moncton set a new high of 26.9 C on Sunday beating the former record of 23.7 C from 2006.

The hotspots on Sunday were Fredericton and Bathurst which both hit 28.7 C, new records for October 9.

Temperatures were not quite as warm today but still about 5 to 7 degrees C above normal for October.