Storm slams Newfoundland


Trans Canada Highway in Gander, NL, 28 Feb 2018 (NL Transportation & Works)

A late winter storm missed the Maritimes and took aim at Newfoundland instead delivering heavy snow to much of the island on Tuesday.

Schools were closed and many businesses and government offices shut down.

Drivers were urged to avoid the Trans Canada Highway in western Newfoundland as road conditions worsened.

Snow totals as of 11:30 am NT, 28 February:

  • Gander  31 cm
  • Deer Lake  26 cm
  • St. John’s  24 cm
  • Stephenville  19 cm

(Data courtesy Environment Canada)


Heavy snow falls in western NB

NB hwy cam

Snowy scene along TCH near Perth-Andover, NB, 16 May 2016 (NB Hwy Cams)

With a cold, intermittent rain shower, the thermometer barely reached 7 C at midday in Greater Moncton and with strong winds gusting near 70 km/h, the wind chill made it feel more like -3 C.

Did I mention it was the middle of May and it also snowed today in western New Brunswick and in the neighbouring State of Maine?

Up to 20 centimetres of snow fell over Carleton and Victoria Counties thanks to a blast of Arctic air and a low pressure system moving through the region.

Forecasters say temperatures will improve as the week goes on with highs near the seasonal mark of 17 C by Thursday.

Unbelievable snow across the Maritimes

This is what Moncton family found when they opened their door today, 16 March 2015 (Facebook)

This is what Moncton family found when they opened their door today, 16 March 2015 (Facebook)

Yet another blizzard has battered the Maritimes with heavy snow and blowing snow throughout the region.

Greater Moncton received 44 cm of snow which is on top of the 93 cm already on the ground.

Prince Edward Island had at least 50 cm and Cape Breton Island was also hard hit by the storm with Sydney getting walloped with almost 60 cm.

Portions of the Trans Canada Highway had to be shut down, the Confederation Bridge was closed, flights were cancelled and Champlain Place Mall didn’t open for two days in a row.

Officials at Poley Mountain Ski Resort near Sussex reported 75 cm of fresh powder today which will likely mean an extended season on the slopes.

Blizzard shuts down Greater Moncton

Blizzard rages in NE Moncton, 15 February 2015 (Dearing)

Blizzard rages in NE Moncton, 15 February 2015 (Dearing)

The third blizzard of the winter season slammed Greater Moncton early Sunday morning but many businesses including Champlain Mall had already announced they would be closed the night before the latest storm hit.

Highway travel was virtually impossible in Southeast New Brunswick today with RCMP closing a number of highways including the Trans Canada between Moncton and Amherst due to extremely poor visibility in blowing snow.

Freezing rain turns Moncton roads into rinks

Ice on car windshield in NE Moncton, NB, 03 Dec 2014 (Dearing)

Ice on car windshield in NE Moncton, NB, 03 Dec 2014 (Dearing)

Freezing rain started falling in Greater Moncton by mid-morning during a changeover from snow to rain and that is when the trouble began.

Many drivers were caught off guard and some vehicles spun out, others simply slid off the road while transport trucks jack-knifed as icy conditions quickly developed.

Around midday, roads became so treacherous that RCMP closed portions of the Trans Canada Highway across Southeast New Brunswick.

Once temperatures rose and rain began falling, road conditions improved but police were still telling drivers to slow down and use caution.

Record highs during January thaw

A collision on an icy Salisbury Road near Moncton, 11 Jan 2014 (Facebook)

A collision on an icy Salisbury Road near Moncton, 11 Jan 2014 (Facebook)

Numerous record highs have been shattered across New Brunswick during a significant January thaw.

In Greater Moncton, the thermometer reached 11.2°C today which breaks the old record of 10.7°C from 1980 and is the warmest spot in the province.

Other record highs include 10.1°C in Kouchibouguac and 10.2°C in Alma while the national warm spot was in Cheticamp, Nova Scotia with a spring-like 14.2°C.

Precipitation began as freezing rain yesterday and before the temperature rose and the rain started, roads became extremely icy across New Brunswick.

Some sections of the Trans Canada Highway were shut down after the road resembled a skating rink.

UPDATE – Strong winds gusting to more than 100 km/h were reported in parts of Nova Scotia which brought down tree branches and destroyed many signs in the Halifax area.

Along comes winter storm number two

Just three days after New Brunswick’s first major snowstorm of the season comes another blast of winter.

Environment Canada reports 28 cm of snow fell in Greater Moncton with winds gusting up to 50 km/h creating blowing and drifting snow.

Schools were closed and due to treacherous driving conditions, RCMP were not recommending travel on the Trans Canada Highway throughout the region.

Strong winds pummel the Maritimes

tmp_SC20131103-100018-1397133033Winds gusted to 93 km/h at the Greater Moncton International Airport on Friday thanks to an intense Colorado Low which sent gales funneling up the Bay of Fundy.

The Tantramar Marsh between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia recorded the strongest wind gusts in the region – up to 100 km/h – which overturned a transport truck on the Trans Canada Highway near Amherst.

The wind also brought down tree branches and even full trees in some cases.

Rain was less of a factor with this storm than wind with most areas reporting less than 30 mm.

Severe thunderstorms rumble across NB

Ominous clouds near Amherst, NS, 21 June 2013 (Dearing)

Ominous clouds near Amherst, NS, 21 June 2013 (Dearing)

A series of severe thunderstorms rolled across New Brunswick and Nova Scotia yesterday.

I encountered one as I was driving from Truro to Moncton last evening.

Big, ominous clouds could be seen as I approached Amherst on the Trans Canada Highway.

Then a sudden downpour occurred near Sackville and for a few seconds visibility was down to zero with many vehicles choosing to pull over to the side of the road until the heavy rain subsided.

Historic flooding in Alberta

Flooding in downtown Calgary, 21 June 2013 (CP)

Flooding in downtown Calgary, 21 June 2013 (CP)

Southern Alberta has seen anywhere from 100-200 mm of rain over the past three days which has forced creeks and rivers to spill their banks and has flooded hundreds of homes, businesses and even downtown Calgary.

At least 100,000 residents have been forced to evacuate due to the floodwaters and there are reports of several deaths.

Hundreds of soldiers have also been deployed to help emergency personnel in rescue efforts.

East-west traffic in the region has ground to a halt after a section of the Trans Canada Highway near Canmore was washed out.