Tornado touches down in Alberta


Tornado swirling near Three Hills, AB, 02 June 2017 (TWN/Twitter)

A large tornado touched down in central Alberta near Three Hills on Friday afternoon amid severe thunderstorms.

Environment Canada had issued a tornado warning for the region which lasted about half an hour.

Officials say wind speeds up to 130 km/h caused damage to trees, roofs and buildings but no one was hurt.


Powerful tornadoes tear across U.S. Midwest

Tornado devastation in Washington, Illinois, USA, 18 Nov 2013 (Twitter)

Tornado devastation in Washington, Illinois, USA, 18 Nov 2013 (Twitter)

Meteorologists say two tornadoes which touched down on Sunday in the state of Illinois, USA have been given ratings of EF-4 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale – one in the city of Washington and the other in the village of New Minden.

These twisters are now the strongest November tornadoes on record in Illinois where peak winds reached 300 km/h.

Almost 50 tornadoes touched down across the American Midwest and Ohio River Valley.

The clean up is well underway as cold Arctic air settles in over the region.

Tornadoes tear up American Midwest

Henryville in southern Indiana USA, 02 Mar 2012 (AP)

Tornado season is well underway in the American Midwest after at least 40 people were killed in a series of vicious twisters.

The storms created a path of destruction in the states of Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Alabama and Georgia.

“The damage I saw was the worst I’ve seen.  It was a war zone, debris everywhere, buildings destroyed, other buildings just the walls standing, roofs gone.  It was a terrible sight.”

Those words from Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear who described his visit to the tornado-ravaged town of West Liberty.